Polaris World Property for sale on the Resorts of Mar Menor - La Torre El Valle - Las Terrazas Condado de Alhama and Hacienda Riquelme

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Member of the Federation of Overseas Property Developers, Agents and Consultants

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Polaris World Golf Property For Sale in Spain

Polaris World Inspection Visits

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We offer two types of Inspection visits

La Torre Golf Resort with lake
La Torre Golf Resort

Polaris World property inspection visit - Refund of your expenses up to £500
We have found that more and more buyers wish to make your own arrangements to go to Spain as perhaps part of a holiday, without the commitment of an Inspection trip. We can arrange to meet you in Spain and show you the Polaris properties and if you decide to buy through Direct2Spain, we will refund your expenses, up to £500.
We can assist you in the following..

  • Polaris World Inspection Visits Mar Menor
    Intercontinental Hotel - Mar Menor Golf Resort

    Help you to find the cheapest flights

  • Suggest a convenient hotel

  • Recommend the best car hire

  • Meet you to view properties with in your price range

  • Take you to a legal representative who will explain the buying process and act on your behalf

  • Assist you in opening a bank account in Spain – with an English speaking bank manager

  • Assist you in making a reservation for a property (if required)

  • We will help you to obtain your NIE number

  • And afterwards – we will take you to Furniture shops and they help you to select furniture and furnishings and will install your purchases and take away the packing.

  • We can also assist you with Property Management and the Legal representative will help you with tax payments etc

Remember - If you are looking at Polaris World resale properties in particular, it is important that you are financially in a position to buy a property in Spain before you travel as the buying process normally only takes 4 to 8 weeks.
Please keep your receipts for flights etc


Polaris World La Torre restaurant and lake
La Torre Golf Resort and one of the restaurants

2. Buy Your Polaris World Property Before You Fly

We have many clients who are just too busy to come to Spain in the foreseeable future, because of work or family commitments. We visit these clients in their home in the UK with enough information in brochures, laptop presentations and DVDs to enable them to make a decision to purchase a property. This is ideal for those client who is ‘buying off plan’ for rental and investment potential. In most cases when buying ‘off plan’ there is very little to see in Spain. We have found this method particularly useful for clients buying on the Polaris World Golf Resorts as their marketing material is second to none and we are able to show plans of each property together with daily availability updates and price lists. We will then take you on an inspection visit at a time suitable for you FREE (2 persons).

We have also sold property to clients, (one in Australia), by sending sufficient information via email, for them to make a decision on which property to purchase.

So there is no excuse –
Don’t Just Dream it – Do It!!

Which ever way you choose, we offer a one to one personal service (definitely no minibuses!) we cater your visit to suit your needs, to find the things in the area that are important to you, whether it is schools, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, bars or sports etc.

To book a Polaris World inspection visit click here for the Information Request form

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