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Polaris World Newsletter Dec 05

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This is a copy of the email that was sent to all of Direct2Spain's Polaris World clients in December 2005. Attached to the email were photographs of the developments taken at that time. This is all part of the after sales service that Direct2Spain provide to our clients.

Hi Everybody

We are back in the UK for Christmas following our best month ever, mainly thanks to Polaris. As usual we managed to visit most sites so here goes with the news.

Mar Menor Golf Resort
Polaris have released plans for the next phase of Mar Menor Golf Resort II which consists of apartments designed by the same architect who designed the Condado de Alhama front line apartments. These are selling very well. The hotel is coming along really well and is in the process of having the façade rendered, painted and some areas cladded in marble (photo attached).

La Torre Golf Resort
Work continues apace here with the first few phases due for signing end of January, beginning of February. As you know, it is difficult to see anything now due to the large security wall, but I was able to take a few photos. Many of the apartment blocks are painted though you can really only see the backs of these as yet. The golf club is well under construction and the entrance security area is now being built. While in the offices, we noted that there was a new model depicting the international school (Kings College) which looks really modern. The second half of the golf course has now been seeded, and it is difficult to see progress regarding the course itself.


El Valle Golf Resort
We managed to drive down the impressive entrance road to El Valle. The large wall is not yet complete and we managed to drive into the resort (it was a national holiday so no builders about). However, we were turned back by a security man after a couple of hundred yards. Still, we managed to take some photos. There is an impressive amount of work being carried out here, with work in progress of the foundations for the last phase of villas and apartments. The two apartment buildings in the town centre are complete up to the rooflines and foundation work has commenced for the resort centre. There are only 5 properties left for sale here (starting at 500K Euros plus).


Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort
This resort is now at the same stage that La Torre was last December with several of the phase 1 apartment blocks well under way. The information cabin has been moved from the Hacienda to the edge of the resort as work will be starting in that area soon. The existing road cuts through phase 4 and we were able to see that several apartments had their foundations complete. The road will be moved soon to the back of the resort as work continues in earnest.


Condado de Alhama Golf Resort
This has been a massive seller over the last couple of months – particularly the Jardines de Alhama which offer excellent entry level 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for fantastic prices. As of today approximately 700 of these are already sold and we are finding it increasingly difficult to locate really good positions! At present there is really nothing to see on site and we really don’t expect anything to be going on for the next year. Polaris are in the process of building an information centre here which should be open soon. The front line apartments are still selling well and the project is attracting a great deal of interest, as people are keen to invest in this early stage.


La Loma Sports Centre
Not much to report here. We did see a few trucks going up and over the hill but have been unable to visit as yet and as it is located over the rise we can’t see into the development. However, Polaris are in the process of building a small information centre here. Hopefully this will be open next time we visit in January. We don’t expect that much will be visible work-wise as yet as it is still early days.

We will be organising some seminars in the UK next year in conjunction with Polaris and will be in touch with the dates. In the meantime, should any of you wish to visit the area before you take possession of your property, you will be able to take advantage of our buyers club discounts on our clients rental properties. At present, we only have one villa that is being rented on Mar Menor Golf Resort, the other clients preferring not to rent. However from about mid March next year we will have several properties for rent on La Torre Golf Resort. Details of our buyers club are available on - http://www.direct2spaingolf.co.uk/buyers-club/index.shtml and the rentals will appear on our rentals website – www.direct2spainrentals.co.uk when they come on line (at present the Mar Menor 3 bed villa is the only golf property on the site).

Phew !! Well that only leaves me to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all of us at Direct2Spain.

See you all next year.

Kind regards

John Hughes
01743 364 830

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