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Member of the Federation of Overseas Property Developers, Agents and Consultants

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Sending Money to Spain Regularly? - Don’t Let the Banks Cash In!

Every year, the currency specialists at HiFX help over 30,000 people get the best exchange rate when making international money transfers. Their remit is simple; to protect you from inevitable foreign exchange risk and make sure you get the best exchange rates possible.

HiFX provide customers with a Regular Payments Abroad service designed to remove the stress organising regular currency transfers can create. A recent survey of all HiFX customers showed that having bought a property or emigrated to a new life abroad, most continue to buy and transfer money on a regular basis; on average £10,000 each year. Their reasons for transferring money include:

Sending Money to Spain-2

    * Paying an overseas mortgage.
    * Transferring a pension from the UK.
    * Additional overseas investment.
    * Ongoing property running costs and living expenses.

They can help you fix the exchange rate for up to 12 months into the future, and because the process is fully automated via direct debit you’ll never miss a payment.

This Regular Payments Abroad service has proved exceptionally popular for three reasons:

 * By fixing an exchange rate for up to 1 year ahead, you fix your costs and eliminate risk.
 * NO monthly transfer charges, saving you up to £300 per year instantly!*
 * NO receiving charges from overseas banks. *

Find out how much you could save!

Registering with HiFX is simple and should take no more than a minute or two of your time. Registration is free, and carries no obligation to trade, but it does allow you to call them for guidance and access to the latest market reports free of charge. 

For more information on the services they provide and the benefits of using HiFX visit their website here
If however you would prefer to contact them directly please call 01753 859159 quoting Direct 2 Spain or e-mail info@hifx.co.uk or click here to request a call back.

We only reccomend HIFX for International Money Transfers - this is because we use them ourselves and have always been pleased with the service.

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